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Holiday Math Problems!!

Holiday Math Problems!!

Your browser does not support the audio element. While all of you are bored from sleeping in, sipping eggnog, and munching on fruitcake, try a few of these holiday math problems courtesy of MathCounts. Ariel and Thomas are playing the … Continue reading

 Check out more problems of the week by clicking here!  Turn in worked out solution for a point of extra credit.

Links to cool and useful math websites:

Ask Dr. Math             This is the site I go to when I have a question like is 0 odd or even (according to Dr. Math it is very even) and why x^0=1.

Classzone       This has the online text book and other practice materials (test prep questions.)

Khan Academy        We will use this site regularly in class for introducing new concepts.  You can also go to this site for help any time you don’t understand something we did in class.

MathCounts        Go here for MathCounts practice problems and awesome problem solving videos.             Ridiculous math games and trivia (like we will all be Elvis Impersonators by the year 2043).      Take a break from homework, visit this site, and learn something new.

Sumdog         A website we are using for computation practice.  Cool because you get to compete against other real students around the world.

Texas Instruments Knowledge Base  Go here if you are having trouble using your calculator.  Type in some keywords to search the knowledge base for your question.

Texas Instruments Apps and OS Update  For directions on downloading apps and updating your operating system.  For TI Connect Download go here (required for downloading apps.)  Then have fun downloading apps from

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