Pre-Algebra 2, Period 2

Welcome new Pre-Algebra 2 students.  This is where you can come to find homework assignments, links to Khan Academy videos, and other class materials.


06/6 Chapter 13 Test A Quiz Review

06/05 Dilation, pp. 750-751, exs. 9-11, 17, 18, 25-27.

06/04 Dilation, pp. 750-751, exs. 6-8, 12-16.

06/01 Rotation, pp. 744-746, exs. 8-12, 20-22.

05/30 Reflection, pp. 736-738, exs. 10-13, 15-17, 20-24 even.

05/29 Translations, pp. 732-733, exs. 7, 10-13, 15-22.

Happy Fun Angle Worksheets are due Monday.

05/09 Exterior and Interior Angles, pp. 725-727, exs. 15-21, 26-30.

05/08 Exterior and Interior Angles, pp. 725-727, exs. 9-11, 22-24, 31-36.

05/07 Angles and Parallel Lines,  pp. 719-720, exs. 11-24.

05/06 Complementary/Supplementary/Vertical Angles, pp. 711-713, exs. 9, 10, 14-26.

5/2/18  Application of Fraction Worksheets 68 and 69.

5/1/18 Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Fractions, Worksheets 41 and 42.

4/30 Multiplying Fractions, Worksheet 38.

04/18 Complementary/Supplementary/Vertical Angles, pp. 711-713, exs. 9, 10, 14-26.

04/17 Independent and Dependent Events, pp. 637-638, exs. 5-8, 15-19. 22-26.

04/12 Disjoint and Overlapping Events, pp. 631-632, exs. 12-15, 23, 26-28, 32-35.

4/10 Permutation/Combination Review Worksheets 10.6-10.7

04/09 Combinations, pp. 623-625, exs. 9-14, 23-25, 28-34.

04/08 Permutations, pp. 618-619, exs.  14-17, 22-25, 29-32, 35-40.

04/02  Probability, pp. 315-317, exs. 7, 8, 10-19.

04/01  Probability, pp. 309-311, exs. 9-11, 14-22.

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    Man I am late on posting this, but that doughnut was tasty!!!!!!!!! :]

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    Mr.Hunt. You know where research way and country club meet by ashbrook. There is some pretty fresh road kill if you keep going on country club towards sunset park.

  4. Zach says:

    Mr.Hunt. I’m sitting here in my dad’s office clicking the reload button. WHERE IS THE HOMEWORK.

  5. Maya Schwartz says:

    Hey Hunt! I didn’t bring my textbook home, so I can’t do my homework. If you could put up the link to the textbook that would be awesome! Thanks :]

  6. Katherine says:

    You told us to leave a comment so I am !

  7. ted says:

    yep the donuts where the way to go

  8. Ronja Soares says:

    Hi Mr. Hunt

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    Hi i’m KAYNA!!!!

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    what the?

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  14. Torrey says:

    Hi hunt so I had lost my volunteer pamphlet but i found it. It was in my pants and they went through my washing machine and so it was in a little ball, I took the ball apart and found the signature I had in their. The only problem is I don’t have the entire signature, I have most of it but some of it is just not their and I was wonder what I should do.

  15. Malen says:

    Hi Mr. Hunt – It’s Malen logging into your blog. I am off to learn the leaf plots!!!!!

  16. Zoe says:

    hi, going to learn the plots!

  17. Rebecca The Amazing says:

    !SEPOLAKCAJ TPID NEDLOG EHT ROF YMREDIXAT EROM ON !sdrawkcab etirw nac I !tnuH .rM yeH

  18. Zeke is better says:

    Hi guys this is Zeke just about to start the Stem and Leaf Plots.

  19. Rebecca The Amazing says:

    !!!stunhguod eht rof sknahT.S.P

  20. Just about to start the Stem and Leaf Plots.

  21. Rebecca The Amazing says:

    Mr. Hunt,
    If I have a data set from 3-23, but there aren’t numbers in the 10’s, can I not write that down? Is the example correct?

  22. Zeke Is Better says:

    Why did you say possum it says my name is Zeke

  23. Ryan Phillips says:

    ℍ, ℝ.

  24. ��Ingrid �� says:

    Hey Mr. Hunt!

  25. Morgan says:

    hello its Morgan. busy day and just remembered about the comment so.. here

    having difficulty with the captcha not sure if my post has gone up

  26. Zeke Is Better says:

    For question 15 b should I change the fraction to a percent even though we have not done percents yet?

  27. Ryan Phillips says:

    In questions 18 and 19, it says to use different intervals in the histogram than the stem-and-leaf plot, but I don’t see any intervals in the stem-and-leaf plots shown.

    • Ryan Phillips says:

      Actually, I think figured it out but how would we change the intervals? Wouldn’t we need a different set of data?

  28. Paul Hunt says:

    Maybe list each data point, find the range, and divide by 5 to find your new interval.

  29. Rebecca The Amazing says:

    I’m confused on #23.
    I don’t understand how to figure out how many numbers are under 12.5. Thanks!

  30. Rebecca The Amazing says:

    On problem 25a can I use a calculator?

  31. Rebecca The Amazing says:

    Thanks Torrey

  32. Rebecca The Amazing says:


  33. Rebecca The Amazing says:

    Hey hunt can you put the textbook pages up for today?

  34. Ingrid says:

    Hey Mr. Hunt, I know it’s really late but some of these geo board area requirements(ex: find the area of 3 with a 4 unit base) don’t seem possible. We don’t have to do all of #s 2 and 7 if we can’t find the answer, right? Or are points deducted?

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