Roaring Springs Field Trip

**********Important Class News**********

James Catching a Hawg

The fly fishing class field trip is tentatively planned for October 12 (teacher inservice day).  We are planning to go to Roaring Springs again.  If you are interested in chaperoning, please contact me by commenting below, and make sure you have all the insurance/background check stuff into the office.  The student and adult chaperone cost will be about $40 each.

Dead Man’s Hand

Hey math students.  Periodically I will give you a cool math problem to solve.  Turn in your worked out solution for a point of extra credit.  (Must be turned in the week it was posted.) This first question caught my attention because of the cool skull/spinal cord graphics and because it is poker related.

Q:  What is the probability of getting dealt a “dead man’s hand” in a five card poker game?

The “DEAD MANS HAND” is the nickname given to two pairs,
the black aces and the black eights.
In 1876 the gunfighter WILD BILL HICKOK was murdered
in a saloon in Deadwood, Black Hills, Dakota while playing poker.
Legend has it that these were the cards he was holding when he was shot.
Nobody is sure what the fifth card was, or even if it had been dealt.
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